Police puncture tires, use cruiser block to stop Highway 416 driver

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

NORTH GRENVILLE – Provincial police had to use a spike strip and a rolling block maneuver to stop a suspected drunk driver.

It started early Saturday morning after another driver noticed a vehicle travelling south on Highway 416 with front-end damage that was swerving between lanes.

An officer in North Grenville tried to stop the car but it continued into Edwardsburgh-Cardinal before police put out the tire deflation device.

The pursuit finally ended on Highway 401 where police cruisers blocked in the car. Officers had to break into the vehicle because “the driver refused to comply with demands,” police said.

A 34-year-old Elizabethtown-Kitley Township woman is facing a number of charges, including impaired driving, failing to comply with police, flight from police, possession of stolen property, failing to comply with a probation order and possession of opioids.

She will appear in a Brockville court in June.

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