Brockville employers encouraged about hiring: survey

CORNWALL – It appears Brockville employers have a spark of encouragement heading into the spring hiring season, according to ManpowerGroup.

The agency is out today (March 9) with its Employment Outlook Survey for April through June.

Of the local businesses asked, 17 per cent were plan to hire, 4 per cent were planning cutbacks and 67 per cent were keeping the status quo and 12 per cent were unsure what they’ll do, which the hiring agency considers an “encouraging” hiring climate.

The net employment outlook of plus 8 per cent is 3 percentage points higher than the previous three months but is 1 per cent lower than April to June of 2020.

Darlene Minatel with ManpowerGroup Canada says the ongoing moderate hiring pace for businesses during the second quarter as the pandemic continues “can be interpreted as a positive trajectory.”

Minatel is also encouraged about job prospects saying all ten industry sectors expect to hire from April to June, with the best bets in manufacturing and public administration.

The net employment outlook of plus 8 per cent is the same as the national average. The Canadian survey of 1,300 employers found 15 per cent plan to hire, 4 per cent have cutbacks in mind, 77 per cent are keeping things as is and 4 per cent are unsure.

The national survey asked a couple of pandemic-related questions as well.

Half of those asked expected most of their workforce back in the office within the next year while 33 per cent expected a mix of remote and job site work.

Forty-one per cent of employers don’t have plans for a policy on the COVID-19 vaccine. Eight per cent plan to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory.

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