Email to the Editor: Blustering from mask and vaccine opponents robbing a childhood

Fellow humans, hear me out.

My children, your children, your nieces, nephews, neighbours are losing a precious chunk of their already brief childhoods while you waste time arguing and fussing over masks and vaccines. It has to cease. You had your childhoods, your moments of glory on the soccer fields and your shot at greatness on the stage of a school musical. Now, you’re robbing an entire generation of their moments.

As we enter this fourth wave, I’m stunned to see citizens of an educated and informed province still not wearing masks in public washrooms at campgrounds despite signage requiring them to do so, grown men arguing for the right to shop in stores with no face protection and folks I held in high regard still promoting anti-vax sentiments.

Fine, you have the right to ignore science and common sense and not wear a mask or get a vaccine but then you also have the right and possibly the moral obligation to stay home and out of public places.

What you don’t have is the right to take away an entire generation’s childhood from them.

Allison Easton