Brockville bus replacement money coming

In this provided photo, MPP Steve Clark, left, announces money for Brockville Transit to replace five city buses. Also shown are Brockville Transit driver Don Haffie and Mayor Jason Baker. (MPP Steve Clark via Newswatch Group)

BROCKVILLE – The provincial government has announced it’s endorsing a plan to replace five Brockville Transit Buses.

Local MPP Steve Clark announced Tuesday that the $787,686 project was being nominated to the federal government for its Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) through the public transit stream.

The province will be putting one-third – $262,535 – toward the project. The feds would cover up to 40 per cent with the city covering the balance – around 27 per cent.

The new buses will also include some improvements, including automated stop announcements for better safety and accessibility.

Mayor Jason Baker says running a smaller public transit service puts a bigger burden on the local taxpayer. “If this funding application is approved by the federal government, our municipal dollars can go towards improving the operation for our riders instead of the bulk of the money being used to keep the rolling stock on the road.”

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