Tractor-trailer troubles in Leeds-Grenville

BROCKVILLE – It’s not been a week to be a tractor-trailer driver in Leeds-Grenville.

A couple of drivers had run-ins with inanimate objects.

In one case, a driver clipped the cenotaph property while driving up Court House Avenue in Brockville on Sunday afternoon.

Anyone with information on the white tractor trailer, which may have damage on the driver’s side, is asked to call Brockville police.

In the other case near Lansdowne, a trucker struck a parking canopy at the Canada Border Services Agency port of entry in Ivy Lea around 1 a.m. Sunday (Nov. 5).

Leeds County O.P.P. say the 55-year-old driver from Quebec tried to take his rig through an automobile lane and got into trouble.

The Brockville cenotaph has minor damage while the parking canopy had a corner torn off and destroyed a closed-circuit camera.

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