Rain stopped but water still rising, says conservation authority

KINGSTON, Ont. – Even though the rain has stopped, the water levels are still rising, according to one local conservation authority.

In an update Thursday morning, the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority says water from Monday’s storm is still working its way through the watershed and it will be “several days” before levels go down.

For instance, Charleston Lake, which is under a flood warning, is rising about 3 centimeters (1.2 inches) a day, coming near levels seen in the 2014 flood.

A number of other inland lakes are under a flood warning, including Gananoque, Opinicon, Lower and Upper Beverley, Sand, Singleton and Newboro Lakes. Marble Rock Road, next to the Gananoque River, is also under a flood warning.

The CRCA says people should be prepared to sandbag their homes if water is approaching their buildings.

Meanwhile, a flood warning for Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River is expected to continue into the fall.

Levels there have went down about 22 centimeters (8.7 inches) since the end of May but the recent rain has slowed that decline, despite more water being let out at the dam in Cornwall.

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