Merrickville boy gets gift of mini-UPS truck

In this Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016 screen grab from a YouTube video, members of UPS deliver a mini-UPS truck to Aidan Ross at Merrickville Public School. Aidan was chosen to receive the gift through the Wishes Delivered program. (UPS/YouTube via Newswatch Group)

MERRICKVILLE – A Merrickville Public School student has been given a gift of a mini UPS truck to help bring him closer to his classmates.

The so-called “package car” – a mini UPS truck – is part of the Wishes Delivered program by United Parcel Service (UPS).

Aidan Ross, a non-verbal developmentally challenged boy, is part of the school’s milk delivery program.

The special mini-truck delivery was made sometime in early November through a video of the presentation wasn’t posted until today (Dec. 8) on UPS’ YouTube channel.

“He just likes being around. He likes being outside playing with his classmates and his peers and his peers love him too,” said his father, Ian, in the video.

A UPS employee, Frederick Green, shared the story and felt Aidan could use something exciting to keep him motivated. Green’s wife, Carrie, is a teacher at MPS.

“Aidan used a trolley to deliver his milk and Frederick thought the mini-UPS package car would give Aidan even more pride in his daily task. The milk delivery helps Aidan with his socialization, independence and development. Aidan communicates his happiness and accomplishments through high-fives and clapping,” said UPS spokesman, Julie Ibrahim, in an email to Brockville Newswatch.

The Wishes Delivered program is meant to help build social connections connection and friendship between UPS employees and the communities they serve.

“They (the students) are excited to see that he was selected for this opportunity,” Principal Tanya Preston said.

“This is fantastic for this small school. Part of it…is to showcase the program, the people who are in Aidan’s life…they do really care about him and want him to have success,” said his father.


Watch the video:

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