Roster set for High School All-Star Game

Girls from Brockville Collegiate Institute, seen here in a Aug. 16, 2015 file photo, will be playing in the High School All-Star Game on Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016 at St. Mary CHS. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, FIle)

BROCKVILLE — The basketball coaches, players and teams are set for next week’s 2016 All-Star Game in Brockville.

It’s being played Tuesday, December 13th at St. Mary Catholic High School with the first tip-off at 6 p.m. for the juniors, followed by the seniors at 7:30 p.m.

St. Mary Catholic High School Athletic Coordinator Matt Reil says the game wouldn’t be possible without the support of Colin Jardine, president of the Brockville Blazers, and Kevin Beattie, owner of Beattie Dodge.

For the Junior Girls All-Stars, the coach will be Will French from Rideau. Here are the players:

  • Kaitlyn Nash (GSS)
  • Regan Swan (GSS)
  • Ocean Lapointe (ACAG)
  • Cassie Joli-Coeur (ACAG)
  • Éliane Zajac (ACAG)
  • Kaitlyn Pattemore (Rideau)
  • Sandra Lyn Young (Rideau)
  • Sarah Brown (Rideau)
  • Emily French (Rideau)
  • Suzi Roy (NG)
  • Ireland Thurler (NG)
  • Julia Cavanagh (NG)

The second team will be coached by Laurence Carreres of BCI. Here are the players for the second team:

  • Karlie Haystead (SG)
  • Mackenzie Smith (BCI)
  • Grace Cowan (BCI)
  • Danica Cole (BCI)
  • Elise Plashka (St. Mary)
  • Abby Douglas (St. Mary)
  • Lily Young (St. Mary)
  • Stacy King (St. Mary)
  • Mady Meisenheimer (St. Michael)
  • Kaitlyn Dawson (St. Michael)
  • Claire Baker (Athens)
  • Maddie MacLeod (TISS)

In the Senior Girls All-Stars, coach Larry Henry from TISS will lead one team. The players are:

  • Emma Kiesekamp (NG)
  • Shawn Pignon (NG)
  • Korey Watson (NG)
  • Alex Kerr (NG)
  • Bronwyn O’Connor (TISS)
  • Maggie Henry (TISS)
  • Riley Hutton (TISS)
  • Kassidy Cavanagh (TISS)
  • Lanee Baelde (SG)
  • Julia Eyre (SG)
  • Emily Horton (GSS)
  • Mackenzie VanSlyke (GSS)

Another coach will be chosen to lead the second team made up of:

  • Leah Rice (Rideau)
  • Claire French (Rideau)
  • Cleveland Nairn (Rideau)
  • Taylor Donaldson (Rideau)
  • Ava Prosser (St. Mary)
  • Rachel O’Brien (St. Mary)
  • Hannah Burt (St. Mary)
  • Alexa Meeson (St. Mary)
  • Brooke Cornel (St. Michael)
  • Tatiana Weissflog (St. Michael)
  • Tess Corkery (St. Michael)
  • Ceara Major (Athens)

There’s a door charge for the event of $2 per person or $5 for a family. Kids under 12 are free.