Friend of dog owner kills animal to stop attack

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BROCKVILLE – A dog has been killed after a couple of friends tried unsuccessfully to break up a dog fight.

The attack happened on Saturday afternoon in the south end of the city when a dog entered a neighbour’s yard and started attacking their animal.

The aggressor dog had reportedly jumped over a high fence prior to the attack.

The owner of the attacking dog and his friend tried to break up the fight by pulling the animals apart.

When that didn’t work, the friend pulled out a knife and stabbed the dog several times.

Having no luck at stopped the attack, the friend then killed the dog by hitting it in the head with a “blunt object,” police said.

It’s likely charges won’t be laid against the person that killed the dog because they were trying to stop the attack.

The neighbour’s pet was taken to hospital for treatment but the extent of the injuries is not immediately known.

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