Dog stabbed in Brockville parking lot; charges laid

(Newswatch Group/File)

BROCKVILLE – A dog owner has been charged with stabbing another person’s animal during a stop at a local chip truck.

Brockville police were called around 2 p.m. Saturday to the Giant Tiger parking lot on Central Avenue.

A chip truck worker had thrown out some food for a couple of dogs and when a smaller dog was nipped at by a larger dog, police said.

The owner of the small dog is accused of pulling a knife and stabbing the larger animal numerous times.

Police said the dog was “stitched up” at the Brockville Animal Hospital and is “stable.”

The owner of the smaller dog, whom police won’t name, has been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon and injuring an animal.

Police said the accused was also charged Friday with impaired operation of an E-bike and refusing to provide a breath sample.

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