Proposing perp charged with mischief

(Newswatch Group/File)

BROCKVILLE – A man in his 30s has been charged with mischief after getting into trouble at the police station.

Brockville police picked him up last night on the west end of King Street, where he was accused of bothering women on the street, asking them to marry him.

Police immediately recognized him because he was wanted for another act of mischief a couple nights before where the window in a home had been broken.

Officers had to chase him down to arrest him.

Once in the holding cell at the station, the accused had an issue with the guy in the next cell making noise.

When police did fulfill his request to move him, a light in the cell was broken.

The 35-year-old man is now facing two counts of mischief and will appear in a Brockville court today (Thursday).