Probe underway into Brockville cmte meeting

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BROCKVILLE – The Ontario Ombudsman’s office has made it official it will be probing the circumstances behind a closed-door meeting of the OPP Contact Adhoc Committee.

This, after the Citizens Offering Police Support (COPS) registered the complaint about the March 7, 2016 meeting after it went behind closed doors “for the purpose of educating or training the members” of the committee.

The group, lobbying to keep the local police force, did not like the conduct of the committee in its first meeting since the Ontario government lifted a moratorium on costing for O.P.P. services.

City council will formally receive a letter from the Ontario Ombudsman tonight (Tuesday), notifying the corporation that its law enforcement team will be investigating.

A member of the Ombudsman’s office is expected to contact Clerk Sandra MacDonald in the coming days to outline how the investigation will proceed, according to the letter dated March 17, 2016.

Brockville Mayor David Henderson indicated to the Recorder and Times newspaper, the meeting of the committee followed the rules surround municipal meetings to the letter.

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