COMMENTARY: Indebted to Liberals

We were warned. During the federal election at a campaign stop then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper made fun of the Liberals’ plan about running a small deficit. “He’ll run, he (Trudeau) says, a modest deficit, so small you can hardly see the deficit,” Harper said, putting his fingers close together as the crowd laughed. But nobody is laughing now, as Finance Minister Bill Morneau says that deficit is projected to be at least $18.4 billion next year. That’s for one year! Weren’t we told that it would be a modest $10 billion a year? So much for promises…but what did you expect from Liberal promises?

But the problem is, the majority of the population don’t seem to care. We have bred a culture of people spending money they don’t have and living beyond their means. So is it any wonder that the majority would be praising the Trudeau government – the boy wonder – for being of financially irresponsible? Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose says the government is being reckless with taxpayer money. It’s more like downright irresponsible.

It’s funny how people scream about climate change under the guise of protecting future generations, but people of the day don’t care about saddling future generations with mountains of debt. And it’s downright amazing how one government can put a country on a path to financial ruin in record time, less than a year.

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