Phone scam headed off by O.P.P.

KEMPTVILLE – A Grenville County O.P.P. officer was able to head off a woman in the process of buying gift cards thinking she was about to be arrested.

Police say they received a call just after noon Tuesday from a person in Kemptville saying their daughter had left the home in a hurry believing she was going to be arrested.

An officer found the woman outside a store in Kemptville, about to buy gift cards in order to avoid the scammer’s claim she was going to be arrested.

“The phone scam was intercepted before a transaction was made,” the O.P.P. said.

Police are reminding you that organizations like the Canada Revenue Agency will never ask you to pay for outstanding fees through gift cards. They say if someone poses as an officer on the phone, ask to see them in person or say you’ll all the local police department to follow up.