Distance learning okay with UCDSB parents, survey suggests

A pie chart from a UCDSB survey shows almost 59 per cent of parents asked feel the learning-at-home assignments are challenging enough and manageable. The board says over 3,600 people responded to the email survey. (UCDSB via Newswatch Group)

BROCKVILLE – A survey by the Upper Canada District School Board suggests a majority of parents are handling the learning-at-home model in stride during the coronavirus outbreak.

The survey – based on 3,600 responses – showed 47 per cent of those asked were “satisfied” with board communication and a further 39 per cent were “very pleased.” When it came to individual schools, the results were similar – 38 per cent “satisfied” and 46 per cent “very pleased.”

As for the curriculum, almost 59 per cent of parents said the homework was appropriately challenging and manageable. There was 19 per cent who wanted less work assigned.

If there was one thing the board could improve upon for distance education, the majority of respondents asked for more teacher instruction and interaction.

The email survey was conducted over six days around the Victoria Day weekend in May.

A survey for high school students is underway right now.