Prescott seeks splash pad bids

The Town of Prescott municipal office. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

PRESCOTT – The town is looking for a contractor for its future splash pad in Centennial Park.

CAO Matthew Armstrong posted the request for proposal (RFP) on the municipal website today (Thursday), with interested bidders allowed to submit proposals over the next two weeks (until Aug. 14).

The park at 30 Mary Street already has an outdoor public pool, beach, play structure with a sand base, tennis courts and a storage building.

The splash pad will fit within an area 18 meters by 20 meters (59 feet by 66 feet).

The town received an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant of $150,000 in January. In order to meet the grant rules, the project must be completed this year. In addition to the grant, Prescott has been putting aside money, meaning it has a total of $275,000 for the project.

There was some question about where it would be located after a volunteer splash pad committee recommended three alternate sites. But with this RFP, that appears to be put to bed.

The RFP process sets out the guidelines for the splash pad and then the municipality grades the proposals that come in. Bidders have to put the best design forward with a ceiling of $150,000 for the splash pad workings, meaning the town would get the best bang for its buck as opposed to a straight tender process.

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