Bat brawl outside Brockville Tim Hortons

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

BROCKVILLE – Three men are facing charges after a fight outside a Brockville Tim Hortons where the victim was beaten with a baseball bat.

Brockville police say it happened just after midnight Sunday morning (July 21) at the William Street location where the 21-year-old victim was targeted by the three men.

The victim, who police say knew his attackers, received blows to the chest, leg and face.

Two men – both 21 years old – have been charged with assault and assault with a weapon.

After being released, one of them was arrested again that day for disobeying a court order not to be together. The second one ran away and has not been located.

Police say the third man, a 19-year-old accused of starting the fight, is still on the lam.

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