Bomb found on U.S. traveller at Lansdowne border crossing

The new Canada Border Services Agency port of entry near Lansdowne, Ont. was officially opened Thursday, June 21, 2018. (Idea Inc. via Newswatch Group)

LANSDOWNE – An American is facing charges in Canada after border agents at the Lansdowne port of entry found a bomb and a gun on a traveller over the weekend.

Leeds County O.P.P. and the Canada Border Services Agency started an investigation after a man from Tennessee was refused entry into Canada on Sunday (June 30).

The CBSA found an “explosive device” as well as a restricted firearm, the O.P.P. said.

The O.P.P. Explosives Disposal Unit also had to be called to the border crossing on Sunday.

Police have charged James Grove, 47, of Elizabeth, Tenn. with possession of a restricted firearm and possession of an explosive.

He remains in custody as the police investigation is ongoing.

A spokesman for the Canada Border Services Agency was not immediately available for comment.

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