Brockville police officer guilty of breach of trust

The Brockville Courthouse at 41 Court House Square in Brockville, Ont. (Newswatch Group/File)

BROCKVILLE – A Brockville police officer has been found guilty of a single count of breach of trust.

Jeffrey Rean, 42, was convicted yesterday (Feb. 6) in a Brockville courtroom following a trial.

Court heard a sordid tale of the married officer’s sexual relations with a 20-year-old woman he was also investigating, including one occasion where he had sex with her in his police cruiser at Fulford Park.

While the judge found the conduct shameful, it wasn’t a criminal breach of trust.

The undoing for the officer was telling the woman to lay low and delete her text messages while also not telling fellow officers of his knowledge of a prank in October 2015 where a stolen pair of cardboard scissors from a local hair salon were planted next to the sign at the Brockville police station.

The judge felt the officer’s actions were done to keep the sexual relationship under wraps.

The defence argued that Rean suffers from PTSD after witnessing three separate cases of violent deaths while on the job. Rean also maintained that he didn’t want to reject her sexual advances because he didn’t want to lose their friendship.

Rean will be sentenced next week (Feb. 15). The maximum sentence for breach of trust by a public officer is five years in prison.

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