Brockville jobs climate ‘hopeful’ to end 2018, Manpower says

BROCKVILLE – If finding a job in Brockville is a year-end goal for you, you’ll be glad to hear the area is in “full recruitment mode” to end 2018, according to Manpower.

In its latest Employment Outlook Survey, the agency says the overall net employment outlook is 10 per cent for October, November and December – a one percentage point drop from the period of June and August.

The “hopeful” outlook for the final three months is the same as it was in 2017.

Of those businesses asked about their workforce prospects, 13 per cent planned to hire, 7 per cent were anticipating cutbacks, 77 per cent were keeping staff as is and 3 per cent were unsure.

Anne-Marie Lanthier of Manpower Eastern Ontario told Brockville Newswatch the city is an exciting place right now for the job market.

“A lot of good opportunities. Good manufacturing companies that are increasing their business right now. Also, there’s some new companies that opened up and are offering a lot of opportunities. We are in full recruitment mode,” she said.

Across Canada, 1,900 employers were surveyed. There were 16 per cent planning to hire, 6 per cent anticipating cutbacks, 77 per cent are keeping the status quo and 1 per cent were undecided.