Drought worsens in eastern Leeds-Grenville

FINCH – A drought has worsened in the eastern portion of Leeds-Grenville.

The South Nation Conservation Authority has raised the drought level from minor to moderate (level two) for an area along the South Nation River from Augusta Township to Casselman.

The remainder of the region is still under a minor, level one drought.

With little rain over the summer, conditions haven’t improved since July. There was some rain in August and September but it was little help for the water table.

The SNC says rainfall is less than 60 per cent of normal over the last three months.

“Should the drought conditions worsen, shallow wells may go dry. Prolonged drought conditions can also affect tree health and newly planted seedlings,” the SNC said.

Members of the SNC Water Response Team have reported algae blooms, stranded fish and reduced crop yields.

The conservation authority is asking people to cut back their water use by 20 per cent.

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