Prescott explosion was due to illegal drug operation, police say

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PRESCOTT – An explosion at an industrial building, which injured one person, was the result of an “unlicensed marijuana facility,” Grenville County O.P.P. said Thursday.

The blast late Monday afternoon inside the building at 205 Churchill Road West in Prescott saw a 30-year-old Athens Township man treated by Leeds-Grenville EMS for head and facial injuries.

Police believe THC was being extracted from marijuana plants when the equipment set off the explosion.

A Elizabethtown-Kitley Township man – 36-year-old Daniel Blaber – was arrested at the scene

He’s been charged with production of cannabis marijuana, production of cannabis resin and criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

Blaber is being held for a bail hearing in Brockville.

Police seized marijuana plants, cannabis resin, oil extract, bud, brick hash, gummies, cash and growing equipment. They also seized two trucks and a trailer.

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