Serial Brockville shoplifter arrested again

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BROCKVILLE – A suspect, arrested last Friday in relation to a high-price theft from a Brockville drug store, has been arrested again.

City police say a 36-year-old man was arrested yesterday (April 25) after allegedly shoplifting from a north end store.

This latest case makes four separate instances of theft tied to the suspect – all within the space of a week.

Store security caught the guy in the act but he managed to escape and hid in a nearby restaurant washroom before police found him.

Brockville police say the same person was arrested Friday (April 20) after a drug store was taken for $2,100 in product on Wednesday last week (April 18). The theft was caught on a security camera.

He was also arrested again on the same day (April 20) after police were made aware of two other thefts from north end shops.

The suspect, who was not named, is facing five counts of breaching a probation order, three counts of theft and a single count of drug possession.

He’s been held in custody for a bail hearing.

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