Love bites…to the tune of $60,000

BROCKVILLE – A romance scam has taken a Brockville-area resident for nearly $60,000.

Leeds County O.P.P. say the victim from Elizabethtown-Kitley was in a “relationship” with a person claiming to be from California.

The only problem was “he needed to clear up some tax issues before he could move to Canada,” police said.

The victim provided the man with close to $60,000 through two transactions.

The fraud was reported to police last week.

The O.P.P. is bringing this story to light in order to ensure that others are not duped by the so-called romance scam.

These tips were provided in order to make sure you’re not blinded by love:

  • First, ask yourself – ‘Would someone I have never met, really declare their love for me after only a few letters or emails?’ If the answer is no, report it to police.
  • Don’t give out any personal information in an email or when you are chatting online. Educate yourself. Check the person’s name, the company name, and the addresses used.
  • Never send money, or give personal credit card or online account details to anyone you do not know and trust. A request to send money to a foreign country or to someone you have never personally met should be a red flag.
  • Check website addresses carefully. Scammers often set up fake websites with addresses that are very similar to legitimate dating websites.
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