Two Leeds-Grenville students at Queen’s Park

In this provided photo, MPP Steve Clark welcomes Leeds-Grenville high school students Max Kinlin and Richard Deeves to Queen's Park Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018. The two students are among 107 taking part in the Model Parliament program. (Steve Clark via Newswatch Group)

QUEEN’S PARK – A couple of students from Leeds-Grenville are getting up close and personal this week with the workings of the Ontario Legislature.

Richard Deeves of Westport and Max Kinlin of Edwardsburgh-Cardinal were at Queen’s Park today as part of the Model Parliament program. They were greeted by local MPP Steve Clark.

Deeves and Kinlin are among 107 students from across Ontario, in Toronto until Friday, as part of the program to get kids interested in civic affairs.

They will participate in a special debate on Friday and will be part of workshops on the legislative process and history of Queen’s Park.

Richard Deeves goes to St. Mary Catholic High School and Max Kinlin attends Thousand Islands Secondary School.