P&G property for sale

BROCKVILLE – The City of Brockville has announced that Procter & Gamble will be selling its California Avenue plant before it winds down operations by 2021.

The company announced this summer it would be consolidating and moving its operations to West Virginia.

The company has been assessing the 136 acre site and will begin a marketing campaign to find a potential buyer.

There are 700,000 square feet of buildings on the property.

The city says it will be assisting in the marketing of the site and will also have the St. Lawrence Corridor Economic Development Commission involved when it takes off in January.

But the final call on a sale rests with Procter & Gamble.

“Our objective is to find another company to come in and take over this site and to bring jobs back to the city,” Mayor David Henderson said.

The mayor believes the site will “attract a lot of international attention.”

Cornwall, an hour’s drive east of Brockville, faced a similar situation in January 2015 when Target announced it was filing for bankruptcy.

The city was faced with the prospect of a vacant 1.4 million square foot building in its industrial park.

Walmart stepped in about five months later, saying it would open a second distribution center in the city.

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