Brockville police, City show off new Brockville traffic element

In this screen grab from a City of Brockville video, some pedestrians try out the new pedestrian crossover on Ormond Street near Bramshot Avenue on Friday, Dec. 1, 2017 during a news conference. Also shown are Brockville Police Service Chief Scott Fraser (center) and Brockville Operations Director Conal Cosgrove (right). (City of Brockville via Newswatch Group)

BROCKVILLE – Drivers on Ormond Street and King Street were met with a new type of flashing light and signs Friday morning.

Members of the Brockville Police Service and the City of Brockville held a news conference to show off the features and talk about a new pedestrian crossover.

“As it’s new to our community we’re trying to get the word out. There’s certainly two of them right now – one on King Street and one here,” Police Chief Scott Fraser said.

Drivers and pedestrians have joint obligations with the new crossovers – drivers have to stop when the lights are flashing and pedestrians need to make sure it’s safe before stepping off the curb.

Brockville Operations Director Conal Cosgrove says three more of the crossover setups are planned over the next year.

The locations are:

  • Laurier Boulevard at Bridlewood Drive.
  • Centennial Road where the new section of the Brock Trail will cross into the conversation area.
  • Perth Street near Louis Lane where the Brock Trail crosses the street.

Chief Fraser says the Ormond Street crossing at Bramshot Avenue is almost complete but some paint will be added to the pavement to denote the crossing area.

“We want people to understand these are in our community now and there’s an obligation (to obey the law),” Fraser said.

As a driver, running a crosswalk with its lights on will run you a $150 to $500 fine, plus three demerit points, if you’re caught.

“If you’re in Brockville, just understand, we have some new pedestrian crossovers. So be safe out there, please,” the chief concluded.

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