Brockville 2018 waterworks budget with 5.2% increase to be finalized

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BROCKVILLE ā€“ City council is expected to finalize its 2018 water and sewer budget tonight (Tuesday), which would add just over $6 to a yearly homeowner’s bill.

Staff is proposing a 5.22 per cent increase for residential and 5.69 per cent for commercial and industrial users.

The rates were tentatively endorsed last week.

For a homeowner using 27 cubic meters, it will mean an extra $6.43 on their yearly bill.

For a commercial property with a 1-inch main, using 283 cubic meters a year, it will mean an extra $41.46 for 2018.

A large increase in the water budget of 13 per cent is being offset by a decrease of 12 per cent in the wastewater budget.

The city has around $3.3 million in its waterworks reserve funds.

The council meeting starts at 6 p.m. at city hall.

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