Snowy winter in store for Leeds-Grenville: TWN

In this Monday, Nov. 20, 2017 graphic from The Weather Network, the weather forecaster is calling for above average snowfall for Eastern Ontario through the winter but temperatures will be around normal. (The Weather Network via Newswatch Group)

BROCKVILLE – An extra snow shovel may be in order because a “classic Canadian winter” is in store for Leeds-Grenville.

So says The Weather Network, which is out this week with its winter outlook forecast.

“I think the story is going to be active weather this year. A very stormy pattern…lots of those Colorado lows tracking through the Great Lakes and I think, in short, that’s going to mean a lot of precipitation,” meteorologist Michael Carter told Brockville Newswatch.

“A great winter for the snow lovers that might have felt a little cheated the last couple of the mild winters,” he said.

The water temperature of the Great Lakes will be a factor in how much lake effect snow we receive. He says temperatures are running above normal “although not as far above normal as they were last year at this time,” Carter said.

Brockville and Leeds-Grenville typically sees about 39 centimeters (15.3 inches) of snow in December, 49 (19.2 inches) in January and 39 (15.3 inches) in February.

Average daytime highs are around the freezing mark in December, minus 4 in January and minus 2 in February.

Carter says a weak to moderate La Nina in the tropics of the Pacific Ocean will create an “amplified” jet stream and will see moisture pulled into Eastern Ontario from the Gulf of Mexico by way of Colorado.

As far as cold arctic air, that’s expected to be west of us around Alberta and Saskatchewan.

“Certainly, there will be times during the season when we see the polar vortex shifting east more over Hudson Bay and that’s when we have the potential of shots of arctic air into the Great Lakes,” he said.

Temperatures are expected to be around normal for Eastern Ontario.