Vigilante sting video under Brockville investigation

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

BROCKVILLE – Brockville police are conducting interviews after receiving numerous reports of a viral video allegedly produced by a group of vigilante pedophile hunters.

Police say the video is circulating on LiveLeak and CreepHunterTV and they were first told about it last week (May 28).

According to police, the video purportedly shows a man caught up in a sting by someone posing as an underage girl.

Acting Staff Sgt. Tom Fournier told Brockville Newswatch this case poses some “interesting investigative challenges,” mainly in the legal realm.

The group “Creep Hunters” has one member pose as an underage girl and arranges a meeting with a person. When the person shows up to the meeting spot, two other group members confront him or her on video, accusing them of trying to lure a minor.

In British Columbia, the RCMP asked the group to leave law enforcement to them.

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