Online rental scam reappearing in Brockville

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BROCKVILLE – City police are warning about the return of an online rental scam.

The Brockville Police Service has recently been receiving reports, in this case, of copies of pictures swiped of real estate websites which are then offered up as rental properties.

Police say the scammer pretends to be a landlord working out of town or overseas and requires a deposit to secure the rental. Due to their distance, availability to show the property is not available, police said.

Local police were notified when property owners were advised by prospective tenants that their house was on an online classified ad.

The BPS provided these tips to ensure you’re not taken advantage of online:

  • When searching rental go to the address and schedule a showing and confirm its availability
  • Request a lease or contract
  • Complete open source internet searches on the property to ensure it is not a duplicate
  • Do NOT send funds to strangers
  • Contact Equifax or Transunion if you have provided sensitive information on rental applications
  • As always “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”
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