Coyote spotted in Prescott

In this March 2016, file photo, a coyote is captured in Brockville, Ont. Prescott officials are warning the public to be careful after one of these wild canines was spotted within the town limits. (Brockville Police Service via Newswatch Group, File)

PRESCOTT – Town officials are warning residents to have their guard up after at least one coyote was spotted within the town limits.

Municipal officials didn’t elaborate on exactly where and when the sightings happened, other that they were in the western part of the town.

The town passed along a number of tips: make sure pets are indoors at night, pets are on a leash when talking them and don’t leave food waste outside.

Spring is denning season for coyotes, who tend of be more aggressive at this time of year as they search for food for their new pups.

If you see a coyote, it’s best to call Grenville County O.P.P. or the Town of Prescott at 613-925-2812.

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