Lighting proposed for Brockville railway tunnel

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BROCKVILLE – The committee behind revitalizing Brockville’s railway tunnel is proposing a $1.3 million lighting upgrade to the project.

But council will hear Tuesday night, the upgrade to the original $2.5 million project is not going to come out of taxpayers’ pockets.

The lighting would done by well-known lightning company Phillips, which has worked on similar projects like the Meydan VIP and the Royal Bridge in the United Arab Emirates and the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

With other incidental costs (including interest) the price pegged for restoring the historic 1860 landmark is now slated at $3,974,496.

Brockville Railway Tunnel Committee announced Friday night $3.2 million has been raised so far.

“We are very grateful to all of our donors to date who have helped us raise more than $2.8 million to complete phase one of our project, and $400,000 to help us plan phase two. We invite the whole community to get involved in promoting our tunnel as a new attraction for tourists in 2017,” said councillor David LeSueur.

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