Vandals set off fire extinguishers in Brockville

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Correction: Brockville police have corrected the location to say the bus line that was vandalized was Brockville City Bus Lines, not Howard Bus Lines on Louis Lane.

BROCKVILLE – Two local businesses are cleaning up damage after vandals set off fire extinguishers and damaged their properties.

City police say Brockville City Bus Lines on Wall Street was hit early Sunday morning (Oct. 9) where vandals caused significant damage to a half dozen buses.

Tail lights and windows were smashed and the extinguishers were set off inside the buses, police said.

Then on Monday night (Oct. 10) around 10 p.m., a center town business was broken into and the perpetrators caused “considerable damage” to the windows and set off more fire extinguishers.

The Brockville Fire Department was also called to the scene as a small fire was set and the fire alarm pull station was activated, police said.

Investigators have not said if the two cases are connected.

“It would seem that both locations share some similarities but, right now, it is too soon to say,” Const. Dave Jeggo told Brockville Newswatch.

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