Second person caught in secret shopper fraud, say police

(Newswatch Group/File)

BROCKVILLE – A second person has been caught in the so-called “secret shopper” fraud.

Brockville police received word Tuesday that a 19-year-old man cashed a cheque he received in the mail for several thousand dollars.

Under the scheme, a person is supposed to send back a portion of the money and, after that’s done, the cheque comes back from the bank as a fraud.

In this case, it did, leaving the teen on the hook for the money.

As Brockville Newswatch told you last week, a senior citizen was also duped out of several thousand dollars.

Brockville police say this latest case shows that any age group is vulnerable.

“Any member of our Community can be victimized and we stress that people not engage in these offers,” police said.

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