Traffic blitz finds baby with no seatbelt at 159 km/h

LEEDS-GRENVILLE – A three-day O.P.P. blitz has caught over two dozen people not buckling up and another dozen playing with a handheld device or cell phone.

Over the course of 28 hours on patrol, officers issued 68 tickets between Tuesday and Thursday this week (Aug. 16-18, 2016) on Highway 401 and Highway 416 in Leeds-Grenville.

Twenty-five people were caught for seatbelt infractions while another 13 were nabbed for playing with a hand-held cell phone or other electronic device.

“Officers (with the East Region Highway Enforcement Team)…noted that, the majority of the seatbelt and cellphone/handheld device infractions involved operators of commercial motor vehicles, one of the seatbelt infractions involved an unrestrained infant and the driver charged for Stunt Driving, was clocked travelling at 159 km/h in a 100 km/h zone,” O.P.P. Acting Sgt. Angie Atkinson said.

The balance of the tickets were for speeding, commercial vehicle infraction, failing to move over for an emergency vehicle and eight other charges.

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