Mental health center protest over treatment of inmate

The St. Lawrence Valley Correctional and Treatment Center in Brockville, Ont. (Photo/PCL Construction)

BROCKVILLE – A group of roughly a dozen protesters picketed outside the Brockville Mental Health Center Thursday.

They were calling for the center to end the seclusion of a mentally ill Cree woman and allow her to return to Saskatchewan for treatment there.

She has been in BMHC since 2014.

An Ontario Review Board ruled last month that Marlene Carter of the Onion Lake Cree Nation should return to her home province for more culturally relevant treatment in Saskatchewan.

The preliminary decision was expected to be followed up with a detailed timeline on where she will be placed and her treatment.

But the 44-year-old woman’s return has been sidelined as she is in seclusion at the Brockville facility, where she has been undergoing shock therapy since the fall, according to protesters.

There is also outstanding charges related to attacks on staff members, the protesters told the Recorder and Times.

A spokeswoman for Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, which runs the Brockville facility, told the paper that seclusion is necessary in rare cases of severe mental illness as a safety measure in order to protect the person and others from physical harm.

It’s not known what is causing the delay in Carter’s return to Saskatchewan.

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