Weather trick or treat for Halloween?

BROCKVILLE – It looks like trick-or-treaters may be in for a treat from Mother Nature.

The Weather Network is predicting tonight’s ghosts and ghouls will be relatively dry and it will be cool but not too cold.

“The timing is working out well for Brockville, really all of Eastern Ontario,” meteorologist Doug Gillham told Brockville Newswatch.

“We’re going to have quiet weather for Saturday. We will be seeing increasing clouds and our temperatures will be in the middle single digits – five to seven degrees. That is within a degree or so of what is normal…nothing too extreme.”

Gillham said people with late night plans might have to deal with some rain.

“Rain will be developing Saturday night, probably by midnight depending on exactly where you are. But for trick-or-treat, the rain should hold off,” Gillham said.

He said the wind will be “brisk” tonight but no where near what we experienced this week with the remnants of hurricane Patricia.

As for extremes, it’s been as warm as 22 degrees on Halloween in 1989 and as low as minus 5.5.

And Gillham said the adults will be getting their treat after Halloween.

“Another piece of good news, as we look out to the first week of November temperatures look to go well above seasonal, looking at highs in the mid to upper teens, Tuesday, Wednesday and into Thursday so a real nice warm up as we head into the first week of November,” he said.

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