South Dundas outdoor rink trailer may not be permanent

The former Dundela Community Center and outdoor rink as seen from McIntosh Road, looking west. An ATCO trailer will be put on site this year but South Dundas wants to explore the possibility of moving the skate changing and washroom facility in 2016. (Photo/Google Maps)

DUNDELA – South Dundas will be putting a winter skate changing and washroom trailer at the outdoor rink in Dundela but it won’t be a permanent solution.

Council decided Tuesday night on a location for the ATCO trailer, north of the rink, after agreeing to purchase the trailer earlier this month.

But some councillors – namely Archie Mellan and Marc St. Pierre – are not satisfied with the location on the property and want to look at the possibility of moving it next year to a vacant lot to the west of the rink.

The only problem, according to staff, is that hookup to the existing septic system to the west lot might be pricy – roughly $35,000.

In the meantime, the trailer will be put on a gravel bed at the north end of the property and the township won’t pour a $5,000 concrete pad next to the rink, saving that money in the short term.

The rink is east on Brinston on County Road 18.

The ATCO trailer, which is 12 feet by 40 feet, cost $57,000. The purchase evaporated the South Branch Community Fund (of roughly $54,000) along with the balance coming from the township’s working reserve fund.

“I think before we go too much further, I think we need to see a bigger plan…what we’re looking at for that west lot,” Coun. Archie Mellan said.

Deputy Mayor Jim Locke noted the urgency in getting the trailer in place saying council can’t be “thrashing this every two weeks.”

The trailer has been ordered and is expected to be delivered within four weeks.

Council will discuss an alternate trailer location during 2016 budget talks.

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