Clark disappointed with Great Lakes protection bill

Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark. (Steve Clark MPP via Newswatch Group)

QUEEN’S PARK – Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark characterized the passing of a water protection bill as more about politics than protection.

“We hoped the government would put partisan politics aside and work together to improve this legislation and take some meaningful steps forward to protect our environment,” said Clark Wednesday.

He said the Wynne Liberals used their majority government to cut off debate and ram the bill through a vote as it passed its third reading.

Clark said the bill does nothing to protect our water resources. “I’m not going to support a bill just because it has a nice title (Great Lakes Protection Act) – legislation has to deliver, and Bill 66 doesn’t,” he said.

The Opposition concerns include stripping power from local municipalities, allowing authorities to access private property without a warrant and not addressing unique concerns of rural landowners and municipalities.

Clark said they proposed 31 motions to improve the bill but they were all rejected.

“I’m just disappointed the government once again put politics ahead of co-operation, especially on an issue as important as the environment.”

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