Renegade Bass was a ‘win-win’ for South Dundas: St. Pierre

Coun. Marc St. Pierre, seen here on the left during a March 2015 council meeting, believes the sponsorship for the Renegade Bass fishing tournament, held this month in Morrisburg, was a 'win-win' for the township. (Newswatch Group/File)

SOUTH DUNDAS – While organizers of a bass tournament in South Dundas are expected to speak to council next week, one councillor believes the quickly penned deal was a ‘win-win’ for the municipality.

Coun. Marc St. Pierre had spearheaded a request this summer for Morrisburg to be part of the Renegade Bass tournament after the organizers had a falling out with the previous council.

South Dundas ended up sponsoring the event for $3,000, plus it waived the boat launch fees, estimated at $1,500-1,600.

The Renegade Bass catch-and-release championship was held Sept. 12-13, 2015.

In an interview with Brockville Newswatch, Coun. St. Pierre said he attended both mornings during the launch for both the weigh-ins. “Unfortunately, Saturday it rained. It wasn’t a very good Saturday. A few people came to watch the weigh-ins which was nice under the rainy conditions.”

St. Pierre said it was also a “rough start” on Sunday because of a storm-related warning.

He said representatives from the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce and the Morrisburg DBIA were there as well during the weekend tournament.

St. Pierre was asked if the municipal sponsorship was money well spent. “Do I think it was a good thing? Yeah, I think it was a good thing. I’m a believer that we’ve got to have facilities, services and events that’s going to hit a wide range of demographics. The more different people you get coming to our township is a benefit for us,” he said.

“At the Renegade Bass tournament you see them over at the gas station filling, they stayed here at local establishments, they went to our restaurants, I mean I know it’s one event but more things you have…it draws people to our community and I cannot see how that’s not a win-win situation,” he said.

“Right now, it was a joint effort between the chamber of commerce and the municipality. The chamber gave two (thousand) and the municipality gave three thousand. The chamber of commerce had a sponsorship program for local businesses. We have to wait to see what kind of report it is,” the councillor said.

St. Pierre conceded that he wasn’t aware of the chamber’s back-end sponsorship when the township entered the deal. “This was very quickly put together…I think it’s just a matter of them (chamber of commerce) getting local revenue to give back to them and to give back to this community so I think it’s a win-win when they’re doing that.”

St. Pierre said the municipality may get some of its money back. “We’re hopefully expecting to receive some funds back because there was an agreement that we would split the revenue.”

The rookie councillor said there are still some things to sort out with the organizer such as the economic impact numbers, since 40 boats were registered while a normal event attracts 80.

“That’s the details we’re going to be asking when they come on the sixth (Oct. 6).” The next South Dundas council meeting is Oct. 6 at 7 p.m.

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