Bow Wow! Disc Dogs delight during Woof ‘N Wash

Alyssa Price, left, and Kellie Stein hold 'Odo' and she gets ready for a bath at the Woof 'N Wash fundraising event Sept. 19, 2015 in Brockville, Ont. The money raised from washing dogs and cars goes to the Farley Foundation which helps seniors and those with disabilities afford costly treatments for their pets. Odo's owner, not shown, is Carol Wicher. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

BROCKVILLE – From canines to coupes, residents from the Brockville-area were getting their vehicles and dogs lathered up for the cause.

The fourth annual Woof ‘N Wash fund raising event was held Saturday morning at the Parkdale Animal Hospital on Second Concession Road, east of the city.

The event is a collaboration between sister-clinics Parkdale Animal Hospital and the Island City Animal Hospital. “It’s been an awesome day. Lots of cars got washed. Lots of dogs got washed,” a smiling Tracy Gaskell told Brockville Newswatch.

Gaskell said the team of volunteers was amazing. “When else can you get your vet to come out and wash your vehicle? Especially, I think we had three doctors on one vehicle at one point, so that doesn’t happen very often that you get your doctor to wash your vehicle for you,” Gaskell said with a laugh.

The event was supporting the Farley Foundation. “The Farley Foundation is an organization that our Ontario Veterinary Medical Association started to help low-income seniors and people with disabilities that need emergency care for their animals,” Gaskell said.

She explained the program is there for vets to apply to, if someone that fits the criteria comes in with a sick or injured animal. “It’s near and dear to our hearts because we use it so much to help people – it’s a great organization, it’s great to have them out there.”

“Pets are important us at any phase of our life but when you’re a senior or on disability it’s much more a part of your everyday need,” she said.

People were also treated to a show by Rip’s Disc Dogs of Frankville, as well as a bake sale and barbeque and silent auction.

“The disc dogs were a great show for us – that’s a new addition for us,” Gaskell said.

There were also members of Brockville’s “I am alive dog rescue” at the fundraiser. “That’s another organization (where) we do a lot of our volunteer work. We support her on an ongoing basis as well so it’s was nice that ‘I am alive’ came out in many aspects to help us out with Farley (The Farley Foundation),” Gaskell said.

“It (the event) gets more successful every year. It’s nice to be able to do our part.”

Click on a picture thumbnail below to open a gallery of photos from the Rip’s Disc Dogs show as well as other pictures from Saturday’s Woof ‘N Wash.

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