Energy East pipeline clears another hurdle

The Energy East pipeline, seen here in a National Energy Board map, would carry crude oil from the Prairies to Eastern Canada to be refined. (Photo/National Energy Board)

NORTH GRENVILLE – While clearing another hurdle, the proposed Energy East pipeline project still has its local critics.

TransCanada has resolved its dispute with Quebec’s Gaz Metro, Union Gas and Enbridge Gas Distribution.

It will ensure that there’s enough natural gas supply for Eastern Canada while reducing transmission costs, if the project goes ahead.

The Ontario Energy Board has been critical of the project, saying the risks outweigh the benefits, with increases in natural gas prices and a lack of economic benefits to Ontario.

In an interview with a Kemptville radio station, Sustainable North Grenville spokesman Chris Weissflog seemed to agree with the OEB’s findings.

The Energy East pipeline would carry 1.1 million barrels of crude oil per day from the Prairies to Eastern Canada to be refined.

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