EDP Renewables releases statement over no council support for wind farm

Wind turbines of the EDP Renewables' South Branch Wind Farm, east of County Road 16, turn in a summer breeze on Aug. 5, 2015. The company is proposing another farm east of here that could cover approximately 10,000 acres. (Brockville Newswatch/Bill Kingston)

EDP Renewables released the following statement after South Dundas council decided Tuesday night not to sign a council support resolution for a 10,000 acre, 75 megawatt wind turbine project east of Brinston:

EDP Renewables Canada (EDPR) was disappointed with the outcome of the South Dundas Council’s decision regarding the Municipal Council Support Resolution for the South Branch II Wind Farm. The Council missed a significant opportunity to potentially secure annual benefits and funding for the Municipality. The decision made by Council will result in a loss of direct income to the Municipality of over $250,000 annually, and $6,500,000 over 25 years, if the South Branch II Wind Farm is successful in securing a contract through the IESO. EDPR remains committed to create an aggressive bid for the South Branch II Wind Farm into the IESO Large Renewable Procurement I (LRP I) process. The Council’s decision also puts at risk the over $55,000,000 which we demonstrated would be invested in the local community as the project will be less competitive in LRP I. As a large business that already operates in South Dundas and continually engages both Staff and Council, we wanted to take the opportunity through LRP I to expand our presence and investment in South Dundas.

It appears that some preconceived notions regarding wind energy and the electricity market were not altered even in light of the facts and benefits presented to Council over the past year. We find that when the wind energy industry is demystified through study and factual engagement, the benefits of this innovative and cost effective technology become transparent. EDPR commits to continue to engage the Council on the South Branch II project and encourage Council to request Staff research and recommendations to address any of the misunderstandings which were apparent at the meeting Tuesday night.

Ken Little
Project Manager
EDP Renewables Canada

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