Winchester man charged in Ottawa serial robberies

OTTAWA – A man from Winchester has been arrested after a string of unsolved robberies in the nation’s capital.

The suspect was arrested Saturday (Aug. 8) after he was spotted by a police officer on patrol.

Officers had been on alert after another three robberies had occurred – a drug store on Bank Street and a convenience store on Somerset Street West on Friday and a gas station on Saturday.

The Ottawa Police Service Robbery Unit had also been investigating a string of six robberies of various retail outlets between June 27 and June 29.

In many of those cases, the suspect produced a large kitchen knife while demanding money.

It’s believed the man is the same person Ottawa media had dubbed the man the ‘apologetic robber’ for this MO of apologizing to the victim before making off with cash.

Charged with one count of assault, nine counts of robbery, seven counts of possession of a dangerous weapon and seven counts of carrying a concealed weapon is John Thillman, 35, of Winchester.

Thillman had appeared in court Sunday based on the charges related to the Bank Street robbery and was released at that time.

He was re-arrested by Leeds-Grenville O.P.P. based on new detective work by Ottawa police and returned to the capital.

Thillman was scheduled to be in an Ottawa court today.

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