Cargo ship hits channel bottom near Iroquois

In this photo from Pat English on Twitter, the Algoma Spirit is docked at the Iroquois Lock after hitting the bottom of the St. Lawrence Seaway channel on Saturday, Dec. 26, 2020. (Pat English via Michael Folsom/@theshipwatcher/Twitter via Newswatch Group)

Update Tuesday, Dec. 29: After repairs, the ship left the Iroquois Lock around 7 a.m. today on its way to Quebec City, according to Michael Folsom of Seaway Ship Watchers Network.

IROQUOIS, Ont. – A large cargo ship is being inspected today (Monday) after hitting the bottom of the St. Lawrence Seaway channel Saturday night.

St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation spokesman Nicolas Poirier-Quesnel told Brockville Newswatch the Algoma Spirit – a bulk carrier from Niagara Falls – was instructed to head to the Iroquois Lock for a precautionary inspection.

Pictures of the ship at the lock show it listing to one side. Michael Folsom of the Seaway Ship Watchers Network tweeted around 10:20 a.m. Monday that a scuba diving crew was at the ship.

The Algoma Spirit, which is 222 meters (827 feet) long and weighs nearly 58,000 metric tons fully loaded, was heading to Quebec City, according to

“There was minimal impact on (seaway) traffic. Traffic has resumed this morning and we’re taking appropriate measures to make sure traffic was not affected,” Poirier-Quesnel said.

There were no injuries and no pollution from the ship in the area, he added.

Poirier-Quesnel declined to comment on what the next steps were for the ship.